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There are over 400 pupils, attending Sacred Heart School. Boys and girls attend from Junior Infants to First Class. After completing first class the boys go to St. Paul’s National School. Girls only attend from Second to Sixth classes.

School Uniform


grey trousers
white shirt
green v-neck jumper
green tie
black shoes


navy and wine kilt
green round neck jumper
white shirt
black shoes

We also have a school tracksuit consisting of a navy pants and light blue and navy top.


School begins at 8.50am

Lunchtime 12.30 - 1.00pm

Junior and Senior Infants finish at 1.30pm

1st to 6th classes finish at 2.30pm


Our school curriculum is based on the full and harmonious development of the child with due attention to individual differences. Education in Sacred Heart School emphasises the central position of the individual child and we promote a curriculum related to the child's needs and interests. In Sacred Heart School we are conscious of each child's self-esteem. We are particularly aware of this with children who are socially and educationally disadvantaged. We cater for children from the travelling community as well as children from a large range of multi-cultural groups now resident in Portlaoise. We also have a Speech and Language Unit.


In Sacred Heart School we value the importance of partnership with parents / guardians in the child's education. Parents are invited to attend an annual scheduled parent/teacher meeting. Apart from that we encourage parents to meet with their child's teachers at other prearranged times. We invite parents to school at various times during the year, for open days, class performances, to view projects and for other activities.

An active Parent's Council exists in Sacred Heart School. This ensures that parents are given the opportunity to contribute and participate in the life of our school. The Parent Council are involved in fund-raising, hospitality and promoting pupil welfare within the school. It contributes substantially to a variety of pupil-centred activities. The presence of the Parent's Council helps to encourage an active partnership and positive relationship between school and home. An Annual General Meeting is held each year at which the Parents committee is elected. Meetings of the Parent Council are held monthly. The Principal and a staff member attend these meetings.

Code of Discipline

Our policy in Sacred Heart School is to approach discipline as positively as possible. We have a Code of Discipline combining firmness with fairness while encouraging responsibility and self-discipline. A copy of the code of conduct is given to parents at the beginning of the school year for discussion with their children. Parents are requested to sign the Code of Discipline when they have read it and discussed it with their children. The Code of Discipline is also discussed in class with pupils at the beginning of each year.

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