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Green School Theme 2012-2014


Our work towards achieving our fifth green flag for the Biodiversity theme has been successful and we have been awarded the Green Flag once again.

Dale Treadwell, raised the Green Flag in Sacred Heart School on Monday 16 June 2014. This was Dale's first visit to Sacred Heart School. We were delighted to have Dale raise our fifth Green Flag. The flag was achieved for our success with Biodiversity in school. Dale entertained the children with workshops on the 5 "b" of biodiversity - bugs, butterflies, bees, bats and birds. He took a tour of the school garden and was met by members of the green school committee. Visit to learn more about Dale.

Biodiversity is the variation of living organisms from all sources, terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and all the habitats of which they are part; this includes diversity within species, between species and of ecosystems.

We have helped Brendan to plant some hedging in the school garden. Pupils from sixth class have drawn up a habitat map based on the school grounds. Fifth class planted some fruit bushes. Fourth class helped Brendan to build some bird nesting boxes. Third class planted a wild flower bed. Second class have been busy ensuring that our birds have been fed. First class built a bug hotel! It is located in our school garden. Infants are helping to ensure that we have lots of ladybirds in our garden. They have put a ladybird box in the garden to encourage the ladybirds to stay.

Green Code

Biodiversity is life on earth,
Let's protect nature and no one gets hurt.
Donít let species go extinct,
In this world, we are all linked.
All for one and one for all,
Keep biodiversity or our future may fall.

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Green Flag Raising Ceremony

Eanna Ni Lamhna, President of An Taisce, raised the Green Flag in Sacred Heart School, Church Avenue, Portlaoise in June 2012. This is Eanna Ni Lamhna's fourth visit to Sacred Heart School as she already was a guest at the school's previous three flag raising ceremonies. The school is delighted to have achieved their fourth green flag. This flag is for achievement in sustainable travel.

Take a look below at our playshed project in action!


In 2004-2005 Sacred Heart School registered to become part of the Green School Programme. We undertook to raise our awareness of the environment and to learn how to look after our local area. The first theme of the Green Schools programme is Litter and Waste management. We elected a Green Schools committee to co-ordinate and monitor the Green Schools Programme in school. We were awarded our first Green Flag in 2006. Our Green Flag Raising ceremony took place on the 14th June 2006. Eanna Ni Leamhna, President of An Taisce was our special guest at our flag raising ceremony. Des, our caretaker and some of the children raised the Green Flag. We received our second green flag in February 2008 and once again Eanna Ni Lamhna helped us to raise it on Earth Day, April 22.

raising the green flag

Green Energy Code

In Sacred Heart School,
Please do it right,
Turn off the light.
If youíre in doubt,
Ask an adult to plug it out,
And keep your eye on "Standby"

We held a competition among the students to write a Green Code for our school. On the 17th January 2008 we held our Green Schools Energy Action Day. We had a great day. We made a film of the day and took lots of pictures. Have a look at the pictures below.

Press play to view photographs from our

Green Schools Action Day!


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