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The Empowering Minds RoboShow is a exhibition of technology projects created by Primary School students who use LEGO Mindstorms materials to build models that interact with the physical world through sensors and motors. In 2006 the RoboShow took place on 16 th May in St. Patrick's College of Education, Dublin.

The LEGO Mindstorms set of materials includes the RCX Microcomputer a, computerised LEGO brick that can be built into LEGO models, electronic sensors, LEGO Technic components such as motors, gears, axles, and wheels, and the standard set of LEGO building bricks. With these materials students explore key ideas in control technology, including mechanical design, power, speed, gearing, friction, sensing, feedback, software design, and project management.

At the RoboShow
model of Portlaoise

Sacred Heart School participated in the Empowering Minds RoboShow for the first time in 2006. Twenty-eight pupils from third class were involved in the project which had as its theme "Our Town."

The project combined traditional LEGO materials such as bricks, plates, beams, connector pegs with newer parts like motors, sensors, and the 'computerised Lego brick, to build two robotic cars, a train, a boat, a crane, a helicopter and a car park ticket dispenser. These LEGO models were incorporated in a model of the centre of Portlaoise which was created on a board with cardboard and paper shop fronts and buildings.

Press play to view some of our LEGO Models


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